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Our Journey

Knowing that time is money, we are ready to partner with competent parties who share our passion and are ready to join our cruise to move forward in full speed. Our sail is in motion, yet we are always ready to have new partnerships on board that can bring a positive benefit to our journey towards success and growth

Our Story

Accumulated years of experience and know how in diverse sectors, have allowed our two unique and astounding co-founders to excel in establishing and developing innovative and successful projects. Moving from one creative idea to another and releasing their thinking, allowed them to cease vivid opportunities and grow into distinguished pioneers. They have journeyed through various projects both on their own in different sectors, and through their long established company Ajwan specialized in the field of hospitality and investment.

Living up to their vision and identifying that in order to expand, there is a need to consolidate all efforts, experiences and journeys into one major company, Ajwan Group was established. Driven by this wisdom which is ignited with their passion, the diverse operating streams have now come together to complement one another, creating a unique collaboration that will allow them to further excel, hence opening the door to more opportunities and innovation in existing and new projects and streams.

Ajwan, which means Gulfs in Arabic, is the best way to describe our group, for we see ourselves as the gulfs in which streams, or sectors can pour into their objectives, requirements and opportunities; our mission is to then convert these requirements into successful innovative projects. We further moved in our journey and put together these diverse streams to create the ideal soil for new prosperous and expanded investments. At this stage we are operating in five diverse streams in which we see development opportunities that can bring high returns not only to us as a group, but also to the community.


To lead the growth and prosperity of our streams with innovation and a continuous forward envisioning of global advancements and business opportunities. 


Employ all resources, experiences and insights using a focused and highly collaborated strategy to achieve the vision and capitalize on investments, to ensure an expanded ROI

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