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Ali Al Obaidly


Mr. Ali Al Obaidly is a deeply rooted and passionate personality
Insightful vision, strong personal and business values, overcoming many challenges
Throughout his 30-year career journey. Mr. Ali Al Obaidly is one of the keys
and pioneers of hospitality services developers in the State of Qatar.
Associated with the industry, as he describes it, since 1996. Throughout his 17-year journey
In the field of hospitality, Mr. Ali has established and developed various new and acquisitions
and drive it towards becoming a sustainable and successful business.
Has unique insight and business development skills, communication skills and diligence
The eye, when it comes to discovering business opportunities, comes from his work on the ground
Experience, strong morals and firm beliefs. With such a platform Mister Ali was able to
It not only grows and benefits from diversified investments with great success, but also
He has been prominent in creating pioneering projects such as Go Crispy, Tbakh Alwaldah, and Ovast Group.

400 22 333

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